Friday, 29 March 2013

Stephen Seddon

Stephen Seddon has been sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 40 years for murdering his parents to get his hands on their money.

 Seddon had tried to murder his 68 year old father, Robert and 65 year old mother, Patricia, by driving into a canal with them strapped in the back seats in a faked road accident in March. Seddon then "played the hero" in the aftermath of the incident, boasting of his supposed rescue attempts after aborting the murder plan when bystanders went to their aid in the submerged car.

Four months later he killed the couple with a sawn-off shotgun at their suburban home in Sale, Greater Manchester.

 And all this for a paltry £250,000. How low can you get?

In Greek mythology, someone who killed a parent would be pursued until death by the Furies. In this case I trust Old Nick will line them up for after his death as well.

 Nominated by : Old Bailey