Monday, 4 March 2013

Terry Beaumont and Jane Leonard

Shameless doesn't even come close to summing up the attitude of these two pieces of worthless scum. 

Terry Beaumont, 51, and her daughter Jane Leonard, 33, appeared at Teesside Crown Court alongside two others involved in conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. That's them in the picture taken outside the court just before they were jailed for 2½ years, clearly showing great remorse for their actions and respect for authority. 

The two were caught red handed selling drugs in the alleyway behind their house in Stockton. Their plea in mitigation? We wasn't dealing, we were just moving the stuff down the chain so we could get more for ourselves. 

What a prize example of mother / daughter bonding. All that is best in parenting - teaching your daughter to deal drugs just like mummy did. 

 Scum. Burn the bastards! 

 Nominated by : Dioclese


Flaxen Saxon said...

I think the picture tells it all. Nice people and I’m glad they don’t live next to me. Irredeemable cunts that should be shot twice in the head.