Saturday, 5 October 2013

Amanda Hutton

Amanda Hutton sat in her bedroom drinking vodka as her four-year-old son, Hamzah, slowly starved to death. 

His body was found in her bedroom almost two years after he died. His remains were mummified and insect infested when police found them in September 2011. 

Prosecutor Paul Greaney QC told the jury “Drink was more important to her than her child - a terrible thing to say about a mother, but it’s the truth.” Hamzah's short life involved starvation, punishments and neglect at the hands of a "nasty drunk" who had more time for alcohol than her son. 

His daily diet in his last year consisted of milk, half a banana, half a supermarket pasty, and "whatever was lying around". 

His body was found still wearing a soiled nappy and a sleepsuit for a six to nine-month-old baby, which was said to fit him comfortably. 

 The bitch got 15 years for manslaughter. Personally, I would have locked her in a room and starved her to death. It's only fair. 

 Nominated by : Dioclese