Friday, 22 November 2013

Adam Kightley and Jacqueline Parker

Jacqueline Parker, 21, and Adam Kightley, 24, of London Road, Northampton, have been jailed for 7 years following the death of their baby Jamie. A charge of murder against both defendants was dropped but they were found guilty of allowing his death by neglect.

 Jamie Kightley suffered severe brain injuries and more than 40 fractures and died soon after he was admitted to hospital on 17 March 2012. He was found "not breathing" at 06:30 by Mr Kightley, who when questioned in court said he did not pick up and cuddle his son because he was "in shock".

 The baby had extensive bruising all over his body, no pulse and was not breathing when he arrived at Northampton General Hospital by ambulance. He was pronounced dead about 30 minutes later.

 The prosecution said Jamie had been assaulted about two weeks before his death and again within hours of his death, but that both parents had "hidden behind a wall of silence" over who was responsible. Medical evidence showed he suffered injuries consistent with being grabbed around the middle and shaken.

 Kightley and Parker agreed they had been drinking and smoking cannabis the night before Jamie's death but denied doing anything to harm their son. When asked about bruises on his body, Parker claimed she had not seen them until Jamie was in hospital. She also said Jamie went seven hours without being fed the day before his death.

 7 years in prison is a joke. They should be beaten and left to starve to death, just like they did to their baby.

 Nominated by: Old Bailey