Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Ian Watkins

Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins was sentenced to 35-years for 13 sex offences, including the attempted rape of a baby.

Watkins was convicted of sexually touching a groupie's 11-month-old baby, then trying to have sex with the child. He also encouraged a second fan to abuse her child during a webcam chat and secretly stashed child porn videos, some of which he had made himself.

 Justice Royce QC told Watkins and the two co-defendants, "what you three did plumbs new depths of depravity". He said the singer had a "dark and sinister side" and the gravity of his offences "breaks new ground".

 Detective Chief Inspector Peter Doyle described Watkins as a "committed, organised paedophile". "My view of him as an individual is that he has shown no empathy, no sympathy or any remorse for what he has done," he said. "It's as if he just doesn't care. He has shown no remorse at any time. In my view, that potentially makes him the most dangerous sex offender I have ever seen."

 "Offending against children does not get any worse. We are not talking about children of any age here, we are talking about babies. I don't know what he is not capable of."

 The abuse is thought to be so widespread that investigating officers have since launched a nationwide appeal for other potential victims to come forward - and are pursuing new leads after receiving a flurry of calls.

And just to make your blood boil even further, while he's locked up he'll continue to make hundreds of thousands in royalties - now boosted even further by his notoriety.

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Anonymous said...

I can only hope that his guards turn a blind eye as the piece of shit has some rough justice given to him

Anonymous said...

And don't forget - one of Watkins prison phone calls was secretly recorded by police in which he described his crimes thus: "It was Mega Lolz... I don't know what all the fuss is about".

Anonymous said...

I'd personally donate a big food parcel to the inmate who carves his sneering face off, or better still castrates the cunt