Thursday, 9 January 2014

Mark Duggan

The shooting of Mark Duggan by the Metropolitan Police sparked off a series of riots across the UK. The inquest into his death took four months and the jury decided that the shooting was lawful.

Duggan's family insist that he was executed by the police and that he was a lovely, peace loving boy. 

In point of fact the 29-year-old was one of the most violent gangsters in Europe – and linked to ten shootings and two murders. He was a senior member of North London’s notorious Tottenham ManDem gang, which traded in violence, intimidation and drugs. 

In the eight years before his death, Duggan was repeatedly arrested over a raft of serious crimes, including murder, attempted murder and a range of firearms offences. Despite this, his mother Pamela maintains he was a ‘lovely young boy’ who tried to keep peace. The family insist he wasn't armed, and yet a semi-automatic pistol was found on the grass just 20 feet from the cab in which he died. The jury decided it was his and that he had thrown it from the cab as it was pulled over. 

 He was arrested on suspicion of murder in October 2003 after a body was found next to a ditch in Tottenham. Gavin Smith, 28, had been abducted by a gang and then knifed in the back 17 times. He died from multiple stab wounds that pierced his lungs. Duggan was released without charge. 

 Three years later, he was arrested for the attempted murder of Surkhan Hussein, a Turkish mechanic who lost a kidney after being shot. Two of Duggan’s associates were convicted but he walked free after a witness failed to pick him out on an identity parade. 

 The gangster was said to have shot a reveller in a crowded nightclub in Christmas 2010, and fired shots in a car park outside a club in February the following year. Again, he avoided court. 

 Yes, he was a peace loving man. There's nothing as peaceful as a dead man. Good riddance. 

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